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er Xiaomi, and automotive maker BYD."We highly value our intellectual property and feel that patents re▓gistration is one important measurement of our international competitiveness," said Song Liuping, senior vice-president and chief legal

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officer at Huawei.Fu Xiaolan, director of the technology and management center for developm▓ent at the University of Oxford, said the growth in the number of patents being filed in Europe by Chinese companies r

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eflects their "innovation, growing appreciation ▓of the importance of IP protection, and preparation for further internationalization"."China is becoming increasingly an innovation leader, as opposed to just playi

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ng ▓the role of catching up with other advanced economies," Fu said.Overall, China ranked fifth among nations, for the number of patents filed with the EPO in 2017, behind the United States, Germany, Japan, and

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France.Innovat▓ion is at the heart of China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) and Beijing has set the target of becoming an "innovation nation" by 2020, an international leader in innovation by 2030, and a world p

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owerhouse in scientific and technological innovation by 2050.To better protect companies' intellectual property, China has established intelle▓ctual property rights courts nationwide, investigated 1.3 million ▓ca

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id Chinese companies' patent quality is improving quickly, somet▓hing that has been helped by their international activitie▓s."Developing an international patent portfolio is a much▓ more expensive exercise, given the higher patent filing and

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ished in 2014, his private security company now has more t▓han 150 bodyguards and has been doing businesses in more than 20 provincial regions."The opening up and support from national policy in this ▓sector in recent year

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s have provided a breeding groun▓d for the company," Wang said.Wang and his employees have guarded many dignitaries, including former British Prime Minister David Cameron, former President of Germany ▓Christian Wulff and f

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ices from the company.Wang said the company will introduce more talent and expand its businesses in more countries this year.To improve professionalism and▓ competitiveness, and to respond to both opportunities and challe

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nges brought by the Belt and Road Initiative, the company launched a recruitment program for top foreign talent this year.Ple▓ase scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatElon Musk's company amo

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e number of patent applications in 2017 included the telecoms company ZTE, e-commerce▓ company Alibaba, mobilephone mak